Going to install Plesk Firewall

Plesk Firewall comes pre-installed in Windows Server,

We can See Plesk Firewall under the Security section in Tools & Settings

Here we are going to install Plesk Firewall in Plesk for Linux,

We can do that in Two different ways

  1. Installing Plesk Firewall via the Plesk interface
  2. Installing Plesk Firewall via a command-line interface

So lets do it  via the Plesk interface


Installing Plesk Firewall via the Plesk interface

In Plesk, go to Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades.

On the Updates and Upgrades page, click Add/Remove Components.

On the Add/Remove Components page, expand Plesk extensions and click Plesk Firewall > Install. Click Continue to begin the installation.

So Installing Plesk Firewall is Completed.

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